On Demand Trainer


Providing On-Location Fleet Training At The Speed Of Modern Warfare

How You Need It

Reconfigurable design to support multiple training needs (IAMD, ASW, BMD, Fleet Readiness, etc.)

When You Need It

Cost effective training just a phone call away.

Where You Need It

Mobile and compact platform with reduced footprint to bring training to the waterfront and beyond.




The On-Demand Trainer is a compact solution providing a modern training capability in a standardized shipping container. The shipping container measures approximately 8 feet X 40 feet making it easy to store in a location where space may be constrained and installation of a large scale training facility is infeasible. Ideal locations for the On-Demand Trainer are piers and areas in naval ports where it is difficult to provide classroom training. The reduced footprint of the On-Demand Trainer enables Lockheed Martin to bring essential fleet training to the waterfront and beyond.


There are a variety of configurations that can be selected for the On-Demand Trainer. Its reconfigurable design allows support of multiple training needs in key areas such as Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-Surface Warfare (SUW), and Fleet Readiness. In addition, other training capabilities can be provided to meet user needs based on the mission. The equipment and software within the On-Demand Trainer can be easily modified to offer your specific training needs.


Transportation is made simple with the shipping container platform of the On-Demand Trainer. The 8 foot by 40 foot shipping container allows for easy installation onto a flatbed trailer for ground transport. It can also be transported via a shipping vessel across water to locations where sea transport is the only or best means of transportation. The mobile platform allows users to utilize the On-Demand Trainer when they need it and have it shipped back to us when their training objectives are met. This renting ability allows users to reduce costs by only paying for the utilization necessary to accomplish their training goals.



Multi Console Configuration

Provides a preset variety of console types and baselines.

SCOT Configuration

Provides capability for training up to 5 students on SCOT hardware, with any current delivered SCOT baseline/program.

WATS Configuration

Provides capability for training 1 WATS sub-group (4 students, 1 MFP), with latest delivered WATS program.