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Rapid Test Solution to Ensure Asset Availability

Lockheed Martin’s LM-STAR® is a cost-effective and timely test solution that enables our customers to rapidly implement solutions for their support needs.   We’ve based LM-STAR® on affordable open software and hardware architecture, which powers basic to complex testers for both fixed and mobile environments. 

A Proven, Adaptable System
LM-STAR® is configurable to multi-mission needs, including: radio frequency, electro optical, electronic warfare, digital and navigation/communication support. This adaptable system can easily integrate new testing capabilities as they come to market - such as PXI Express (PXIe), synthetic instrumentation, and bus emulation - without affecting a test program set (TPS) or tester operations. LM-STAR® can also integrate with logistics information systems and web-based support systems.  Used by avionics Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop TPSs, LM-STAR® supports a seamless transition of factory to field test capability.

A proven solution, significant customer platforms rely on LM-STAR® as the standard system for developing and maintaining avionics, including the F-35 Lightning II, the F-16 Block 60, F-22 and AH-64.  It’s also considered the linchpin of the F-35 Lightning II Harmonization Plan.  Our standardized approach on F-35 Lightning II has saved customers millions of dollars, with potential to save hundreds of millions more over the life of the program.

Secure and Cost-Effective
Lockheed Martin’s LM-STAR® product line unifies the Information Assurance (IA) process for all customers, decreasing cost and increasing reliability. All IA controls are tracked and managed per the Department of Defense (DoD) and United States Air Force IA and accreditation standards.

IA capabilities are baked-in not bolted-on at the end, allowing our customers to leverage a mature product line solution.  Additionally multiple LM-STAR® stations can be networked to a central server providing access to a TPS library, test results backup and IA management. This configuration also permits the use of Lockheed Martin’s Diagnostic Reasoner, which will learn the failure patterns of your test assets and improve the test program fault callouts over time.


F-35 Radar Repair on Autopilot

Automated testing launches F-35 radar maintenance into the future at the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Readiness Center Southeast.