Enhanced Laser Guided Training Round (ELGTR)


An affordable and optimal training solution for Warfighters.


Accurately Emulates LGB Characteristics
The ELGTR provides realistic PavewayTM II Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) tactical employment training for GBU-10/12/16 as a cost-effective alternative to expending operational LGB assets.

By accurately emulating the LGB envelope, flight characteristics and guidance system, ELGTR permits aircrews to practice delivery tactics in a real-mission environment and experience actual weapon characteristics within today's range limitations.


The ELGTR provides Circular Error Probability (CEP) (within 4 meters) and CE90 (within 9 meters) performance against challenging airborne-lased tactical target environments.

Since its deployment in 1992, Lockheed Martin has sold over 160,000 units to the U.S. Navy and international customers.
  • Successful Air National Guard Operational Evaluation with F-16 Block 40/42 in 2QCY16 dropped 8 ELGTRs, demonstrating 3m CEP accuracy.
  • ELGTR direct hit on simulated tactical target during USN flight test.
  • ELGTR (here on an F/A-18) accurately emulates the employment characteristics of tactical LGBs.
  • ELGTR multicarriage provides improved loadout per sortie and improves training efficiency.
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PAVEWAY is a registered trademark of a third party in the EU and several other countries and is used by Lockheed Martin Corporation under license.