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Communicating with constituents 24/7

Advanced technology. Streamlined operations. Workforce management. It's all part of the Lockheed Martin contact center solution set. Our contact centers offer options for contact via multiple channels: phone, e-mail, postal, Web and self-service. And many centers even operate around the clock.

Scalable, innovative solutions meet the needs and requirements of the federal government and their constituent populations, yet are flexible to respond to situations such as seasonal peaks, natural disasters and crisis management. To meet demand in the most efficient way and to allow for quick expansion--such as the capability to set up a fully-functioning contact center within 48 hours--we help our clients create a common infrastructure that provides efficiency through a unified set of tools, reports and measures.

Delivering High-Quality Reponses

We use the latest technologies--Voice Over Internet Protocol to automated call distributions to Interactive Voice Response (IVR)--and employ experts in customer service to deliver high-quality, accurate and timely responses to inquiries.

From small contact centers serving a single, specific audience to large operations handling millions of annual inquiries, we are adept at managing sudden, unplanned surges in call volumes by applying workforce management tools, industry best practices and a stand-ready pool of additional agents to meet unexpected demands.

See our new Mission Support Center in Mississippi.




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