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Advanced Train Management System


Lockheed Martin and the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) have partnered to produce and deploy the next generation of communication-based train management.

Driven by business needs to increase capacity at critical times and in heavily used areas, Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) uses on-train processing and advanced digital communications to keep track of the location and speeds of trains on a railway. In doing so, railroads can increase capacity by reducing distance between trains and increase reliability through better on-time performance. Additionally, safety is increased through authority and speed limit enforcement.

Lockheed Martin’s system integration capability leverages open architecture and commercially available technology to minimize ATMS’ dependence on specific products or technologies and to provide a long-term ability to adapt and grow with the industry.

To facilitate deployment, Lockheed Martin and ARTC are partnering to engage rail operators and access providers of adjacent rail networks to develop updated operating concepts and standards that provide benefits for the entire rail industry and its customers.



ATMS will provide significantly upgraded capabilities to the rail industry of Australia.


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