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QTC is the largest nationwide private provider of disability and occupational health examination services. QTC applies a customized, systematic operational workflow to administer evaluations, supported by innovative technology that achieves extraordinary quality, timeliness, cost‐effectiveness and customer service goals.

  • More than 31 years of experience in medical and occupational health services
  • Nationwide provider network of over 11,000 credentialed and trained providers
  • Over 3 million examinations and tests performed since 2000
  • Focused on quality, timely, customer‐service and cost‐effective medical services
  • Leader in service innovation, technology, and provider network management
  • Employer of over 950 experienced clinical, operational, and corporate associates
  • Credentialed network of 11,000 private providers
  • Operating 53 full‐service medical evaluation facilities in twelve states.

QTC offers a complete one-stop shop for medical, disability and occupational health services for federal and state governments, municipalities, and agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, the Federal Occupational Health Service and the Department of Labor.