Operations/Program Planning

Operations Planning works closely with Operations Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality to execute the program schedule and manage the budget. This includes providing status and expediting or creating work around plans to meet schedules.

Operations Planning Career Roles 
Bill of Material Planner:  At the start of the supply chain, a BOM planner coordinates with Engineering, the Change Board Representative and Program Scheduler to create and maintain Bills of Material in PP&C’s MRP system.

Buy Planner:  Coordinates with Procurement and Operations Management to determine appropriate time phased plan for procured parts. Utilizing MRP reports, buy planners follow actions in the supply chain to ensure material is ordered and delivered to meet production requirements, the subsequent process of the supply chain.

Center Manager:  Overall responsibility for cost, schedule, and production status in a Manufacturing Center which supports all programs (i.e. Machine Operations Center, Optics Center, Fire Control Factory, Microelectronics Center).

Change Board Representative:  Involved in all aspects of the supply chain, the representative coordinates with a cross-functional team for implementation plan in support of new or changed engineering. Communicates the impact, suggests potential solutions and implements change.

Enterprise Manager:  Overall functional responsibility for entire PP&C organization at all sites across the Missiles and Fire Control business unit.

Make Planner:  Coordinates with Manufacturing and Operations Management to determine appropriate lot sizing strategy for make assemblies, analyzes requirements and executes the MRP plan by releasing work orders, ensures implementation of engineering changes to assemblies, and provides timely status to ensure operating schedules are met. Delivery of the product to the customer is the last part of the supply chain.

Master Scheduler:  Responsible for the oversight of internal operating plan schedules associated with a production operations center while considering the entire supply chain impact.

Mission Area Manager:  Overall responsibility for all PP&C activities and personnel development pertaining to a specific group of programs with common missions.

Production Operations Center Manager:  Overall responsibility for all PP&C activities that go through all Manufacturing Centers.

Program Lead:  Overall responsibility for the oversight of all PP&C activities on the program. Responsibilities include management of the entire supply chain of the program, from program start-up to program closeout. Other management responsibilities include development of assigned personnel.

Program Scheduler:  Continuing through the supply chain, the program scheduler utilizes the BOMs to coordinate with cross-functional program teams to incorporate production schedules based on hardware requirements. These requirements are then used to integrate the part numbers identified in the BOM and financial accounting structures for entry into the MRP system.

Site Manager:  Overall functional responsibility for PP&C organization at an assigned Missiles and Fire Control site. Strategically focuses on processes, staffing, personnel development, systems, budgeting and all other support functions required for PP&C associates to be successful.