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There is one “corporate signature” for Lockheed Martin—the logo. The official logo is the primary identification of the corporation. It consists of the name, Lockheed Martin, and the star symbol, all combined and spaced on one horizontal line.

The Lockheed Martin name should always be spelled out in all cases. The name should never be abbreviated in any form such as using “LM” to refer to the company. The acronym “LM” cannot be used within any body copy, text or graphic without the written consent of Corporate Communications.

The Lockheed Martin logo and logotype must never be changed, warped or altered. The minimum amount of space around all sides of the logo should always be double the height of the L in the logo. 

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Podcast - Inside Skunk Works

75 years ago in Burbank, California, engineer Kelly Johnson devised an operational concept so unique it is still celebrated today. As the birthplace of many revolutionary technologies – from America’s first fighter jet to the classified programs of today – Skunk Works® sets the precedent for how our most critical and difficult problems are solved. This podcast brings to light the dark, classified world of the secret Lockheed Martin organization. First-hand accounts and stories passed down from generation to generation within the walls of Skunks Works are made public for the first time. And yes – we’ll talk about compact fusion!

Where to listen:

Inside Skunk Works

Episode 1: Absolute Definition of Power

Episode 2: They Gave Him A Tent

Episode 3: Arrowhead

Episode 4: Hat Trick

Episode 5: Not Today

Episode 6: Crashing Is Success

Episode 7: It Changes Everything


The first people who will visit Mars are sitting in a school today. To help inspire these students, Lockheed Martin created Mars Walk: a virtual reality adventure you can experience using your own smartphone. Mars Walk provides a fun, interactive, and educational tour of the red planet in a stunning VR experience.

Explore Mars – on your phone. Download today.

A cardboard VR device is required. A non-VR version is also available.

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Mars walk cardboard

Hello Mars App
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Next stop, Mars. A manned mission to the red planet is happening sooner than you think. That’s why Hello Mars from Lockheed Martin provides a beautiful experience as you search the stars, travel to distant orbits and reach Mars with real-time weather data.
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