Control the Chaos.
Control the Outcome.

C4ISR is the foundation of every mission

In today’s world, complexity can be your greatest enemy or your greatest asset. That’s why Lockheed Martin is developing solutions that provide a clear picture of what’s happening around the world—and the infrastructure to act on it in real-time.

See how our Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions are simplifying the complex—turning data into knowledge. And knowledge into action.





Situational Expertise

Our C4ISR technologies enable our customers to accomplish a diverse set of missions in the air, on the sea’s surface, beneath the surface, in space and on land.

Command & Control
Operators gain decision advantage from command and control systems that allow for parallel – not sequential – planning and decision-making abilities. These systems enhance situational awareness and keep ahead of adversaries in accelerated operational environments.

intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
Across air, land, sea and space, thousands of sensors onboard manned and unmanned military platforms are collecting huge amounts of data. These ISR systems task, collect, process, analyze, fuse and disseminate the most mission-critical information.

NextGen Communications
Information dominance requires secure, resilient and adaptable networks and communications. By leveraging sophisticated satellite, wireless and tactical radio technology, we ensure that forces are able to share and receive information securely.

Information Fusion & Data Analytics
Volume. Velocity. Variety. These are some of the biggest challenges with big data on the battlefield. Our systems support decision advantage by performing advanced correlation, fusion and analysis across multiple domains and classification levels.

Sophisticated cyber solutions comprehensively defend networks and systems from advanced persistent threats—all while helping to stay ahead of the adversary’s next attack.

Electronic Warfare & Spectrum Dominance
Awareness and surveillance. Protection and denial. These are the keys to dominating the electromagnetic spectrum. Our work in photonics, advanced computing and machine learning are delivering advanced technologies that help impede and outpace electromagnetic threats.

Video: Operating in Today's Multi Domain Environment

Adversaries are highly adaptive and threat environments are becoming increasingly complex. Fifth Generation C4ISR is a joint battle management system that can gather data, understand it, and communicate freely with each and all of its components. 

By translating technical capability into operational reality, Fifth Generation C4ISR ensures low-risk, technologically superior solutions that address ever-evolving challenges.

Dr. Rob Smith
Vice President of C4ISR, Lockheed Martin

Rob leads a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 programs that provide C4ISR services and capabilities for all branches of the U.S. military, multiple national agencies and numerous international customers.

When a Joint Force Commander at the White House and a special operations officer request highly sensitive imagery of a specific location, they need the intelligence in real time, but they receive it in different ways. The Commander receives the data on a top-secret domain system in the White House and the special operations officer could receive it on an unsecure smartphone.

Fielding a system capable of supporting such far-reaching information exchange requires a network enterprise that seamlessly connects the multitude of intelligence data producers, processors and end users. One of the main ways to securely share sensitive data between unclassified and classified security domains is through the cross domain solution or CDS.

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